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About eagle creek apartments



For over the last 22 years, with the help from my two sons, and a God-given determination we have managed to build three apartment buildings that now make up Eagle Creek Apartments.  All of our apartments are located close to Nebraska Wesleyan University and the U.N.L. East Campus. Therefore, each property was specifically designed and built with the student in mind.

Our goal at Eagle Creek is to keep all of our properties updated and in like-new condition and we offer each unit at a competitive price.  Maintenance and upkeep are handled by Eagle Creek Apartments, which helps decrease rent cost and increases quality.


We strive to make extra effort to get to know our tenants and to quickly take care of any problems that may occur.  What sets us apart from larger rental companies, is the fact, that we are owner-managed. We are hands-on and take great pride in the quality of our apartments, as well as our tenants, and their housing needs. We take satisfaction when our tenants are happy with their apartment and our management.

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